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We are IR. A Professional company dedicated to Real Estate, Management & Maintenance.

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Twin Towers, Tower nr.2 Floor 12/31 , Blv Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirane, Albania

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IR Real Estate & Management

IR Real Estate and Management

Our goal is to build a new visual brand identity for IR real estate. This new identity will position the company among the main players in the Albanian Real Estate Management Market. 

What will differentiate IR Real Estate from the rest of the market?

An authentic, modern, and multipurpose building located in the heart of Tirana. 

Inspired by the unique elements used in the building. Traits of antique regional items are depicted as a strong statement to represent a firmly established brand. This version of the log takes the company to the heights of regional investments by bringing further thousands of years of culture and heritage.

The brand is a living, breathing representation of your organization’s identity… and it’s supported by a complex ecosystem, not unlike the ANATOMY OF A PERSON